S9TM Travel Bag

  • The S9™ Travel Bag is a sturdy, convenient hold-all that protects your patient's S9 therapy device and humidifier devices while they're travelling.

    This well-designed, padded bag holds any ResMed machine built on our award-winning S9 platform as well as your patient's H5i™ Heated Humidifier, tubing and mask. The bag has an additional storage compartment for extras, such as cleansing wipes or spare filters.

    Your patient can carry it by the handles or use the shoulder strap.

Key Features

  • The ResMed S9 Series Travel Bag holds any S9 therapy device as well as an H5i Heated Humidifier, tubing, and a mask. It has an additional storage compartment for extras.
  • The practical design is well padded, easy to pack and easy to carry.
  • The S9 Travel Bag is designed for patients who take their S9 therapy device when they travel for work or pleasure.

We care about your patient's sleep. To help you provide sleep apnoea therapy that is comfortable and effective, we offer a wide range of relevant accessories.

How to buy

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