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  • Engineered for mobility. Weighs just 3.2 kg and has long-lasting batteries*
  • Optional mobility bags. Protect Astral when you’re on the move with a mobility bag.
  • Easy to use. Astral is straightforward and intuitive.
  • Flexible. Smart mouthpiece ventilation enables fast, easy switching from mask to MPV without changing the circuit.
  • Secure by design. Features fixed and adjustable alarms, including an advanced disconnection alarm set up by the clinician.



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Changing from nighttime mask setup to daytime mouthpiece setup

Product code

Item Code
Astral 100 27061
Astral 150 27063

Made to work together


  • Accessories

    SlimLine Tubing

    The SlimLine small diameter air tube is exceptionally light and flexible, and virtually eliminates tube drag.


    Astral Mobility Bags

    Designed to protect the AstralTM ventilator while providing greater freedom and mobility.


    Circuit Support Arm

    The circuit support arm holds ventilation circuits and mouthpieces securely in a proximal position for patients on Astral™.


    External battery

    With the capacity to connect one or two external batteries, each providing up to 8 hours of power, Astral can operate up to 16 hours on external battery alone. It also features an internal battery that delivers an extra 8 hours of backup power if needed.


    Remote Alarm II

    Patients on life support require close attention and care, but they can recuperate with an appropriate amount of independence by keeping connected to remote or hospital alarm systems.


    Homecare Stand

    The homecare stand is a portable, space-saving solution for the hospital or home. Fully compatible with the Astral range of ventilators, it protects against everyday hazards with added mobility and convenience.

  • Interfaces

    AirFit P10

    Our quietest mask yet! A recent clinical study found that patients using the AirFit P10 sleep more than 40 minutes longer per night.


    AirFit F20

    The AirFit F20 was designed to comfortably fit the widest range of faces. Indeed, in an international study, AirFit F20 fit 96.5% of all patients.


    AirFit N20 Classic

    The AirFit N20 Classic combines a forehead support with all the core values of the 20 series family, so you can be sure to own a familiar feeling mask that contains all the essential technologies to transform your mask experience.


    Quattro Air NV

    The Quattro™ Air NV mask is our lightest non-vented full face mask. It's comfortable to wear, easy to use, and ideal if you need long-term, high-quality, non-invasive (NIV) therapy.



    The EasySpeak mouthpiece offers total patient comfort and freedom for patients on Astral.™

How to buy


After receiving your official diagnosis from your physician, you can get your mask and device from your care provider. For a list of local care providers in your area, please contact us.


*Connects to one or two external batteries, each providing up to 8 hours of operation; internal battery provides 8 hours of backup power when needed.