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Screening and diagnosis

Screening and Diagnosis

Home Screening test - £144 (plus a refundable deposit and P&P)

If you feel you have the symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea, or are concerned that you may be at risk, our Clinics can offer you a simple screening test.

We’ll mail you a small device to monitor your breathing overnight or you can pick the device up at the clinic. The data collected is then analysed and reviewed by the team at the Clinic. You’ll receive an easy to read report, giving your risk factor which you can then discuss with your GP.

For further information or to book your screening test:

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Home Sleep Study - £445

Following referral from a doctor our Clinics offer a diagnostic service.

This test gives your sleep physician a more detailed picture for diagnosis and uses non-intrusive equipment overnight in your own home. A device measures your breathing, chest and abdominal movements, oxygen levels and heart rate during sleep.

You’ll need to attend a Clinic for a consultation with one of our clinical team. They will assess your sleep by asking you a series of questions and set-up the equipment for you to take home. On your return we review the data and send it for analysis - which will take up to 4 working days. You’ll then get a diagnosis and a proposed course of treatment.

We’ll discuss the outcomes and talk through your options following the results and a copy will be sent to your doctor. If you are found to have OSA, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is often recommended as the most effective treatment.

You may wish to discuss the results with your GP and choose to be referred to an NHS sleep unit for treatment. Alternatively you may choose to continue your care with the Clinic where our team of experienced clinicians can establish your use of CPAP treatment and offer longer term support as required.

For further information or to book your screening test:

Call our Clinics on  0800 917 7071 FREE 

Or email us at