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Are you at risk?

Are you at risk?

Sleep apnoea often remains undiagnosed but it is thought to be as widespread as asthma and diabetes.

If you answer YES to two or more of the following questions, then you are at risk of sleep apnoea and you should seek medical advice.

  • Do you snore?

  • Are you excessively sleepy during the day?

  • Are you overweight?

  • Do you wake feeling unrefreshed?

  • Have you been told that you stop breathing in your sleep?

  • Do you have a history of high blood pressure?

  • Is your neck size more than 17" (male) or more than 16" (female)?

How do I know if I'm excessively sleepy?

Sleep apnoea quiz is a clinically-developed test to help see if you might be at risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnoea.

Click here to take the test now.

If you are at all concerned that you might be suffering from sleep apnoea it is important to seek medical advice.

Sleep apnoea can be a life threatening condition.

Read more about the health risks associated with Sleep Apnoea.

Talk to your GP or contact one of our Centres for Healthy Sleep to get a home screening test or diagnostic home sleep study.

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