S+ by ResMed

The smarter sleep solution

The S+ by ResMed is the world’s first non-contact sleep tracking system that helps you analyse and improve your sleep from the very first night.

S+ by ResMed records the light, noise and temperature conditions in your room, and has features to help you sleep more easily. It syncs with your smartphone to provide tailored feedback and suggestions on how to improve your sleep routine and sleep conditions in your bedroom. 

S+ features

S+ by ResMed works by detecting the movement of your upper body while you sleep.

The movement it detects consists of the expansion and relaxation of your chest as you breathe in and out, and overall body movements such as positional changes, arm twitches and shrugs.

It includes software algorithms that recognise the combination of respiration and body-movement signals, so that the overall sleep state can be reliably assessed. For example, if you’re moving continuously, you’re less likely to be asleep; conversely, if you’re in deep sleep, there will be relatively little movement and your breathing will be much more regular.


S+ benefits

  • It’s built by ResMed, the global leader in sleep and respiratory medicine for more than 25 years. Find out more about ResMed and Sleep
  • We tested the technology to ensure its accuracy
  • S+ by ResMed tracks all four stages of your sleep (sleep onset, light, deep and REM) unlike many smartphone apps and other sleep trackers
  • It sends you personalised advice so that you can use to improve your sleep that very night!
  • It is completely non-contact! No mattress strips. No wristbands. Just a nightstand monitor that can accurately record your breathing and movement. It’s easy to use, accurate and won’t disturb your sleep
  • Since we launched S+ by ResMed, thousands of people have been using it to help improve their sleep.
  • We analysed the data and the results are in. S+ by ResMed makes a real improvement in people’s sleep.

Find out more about ResMed and Sleep

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