Ultra MirageTM NV Nasal

  • The Ultra Mirage™ NV nasal mask offers a comfortable, stable and highly effective way to receive your ventilation therapy. It is ideal if you are a long-term ventilation patient who is being treated for acute or chronic respiratory distress or failure.

    The Ultra Mirage NV nasal mask provides comfort and peace of mind during your treatment. Please note that this mask is not suitable if you are receiving positive airway pressure therapy. The Ultra Mirage NV nasal mask is specifically designed for ventilators with an active exhalation valve.

Key features

  • We designed the Ultra Mirage NV nasal mask with your comfort in mind. The dual-wall cushion combines a secure seal with gentle comfort and we've also worked to minimise the amount of moisture that gets trapped between the skin and the headgear.
  • The reliable Ultra Mirage NV nasal mask has a superior seal and offers excellent stability, giving you greater peace of mind during your ventilation treatment.
  • The Ultra Mirage NV nasal mask is hypoallergenic and is made of durable materials for an extended mask life.

How to buy

This product is not available in our online store. Please discuss with your healthcare team or call us on 0800 917 7071.

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