StellarTM Mobility Bag

  • The Stellar™ Mobility Bag provides easy access to your Stellar ventilator and protects it during travel and everyday use.

    It gives you the reassurance of sturdy, purpose-built protection against knocks, dust and water, however you spend your day. And it's easy to access the user interface if you need to adjust a setting or check a reading. 

Key Features

  • The practical design securely holds your Stellar ventilator and a range of accessories. It can be attached to your bed or wheelchair.
  • You can view and access alarms and controls without removing the ventilator from the bag.

We care about your sleep. To help ensure your sleep apnoea therapy is comfortable and effective, we offer a wide range of relevant accessories. Visit our webshop to learn more.

How to buy

This product is not available in our online store. Please discuss with your healthcare team or call us on 0800 917 7071.

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