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ClimateLine MAX TM Oxy

ClimateLine MAX TM Oxy

The ClimateLine MAX TM Oxy tube is ideal for those who are using an S9™ device and require supplemental oxygen. It neatly connects to the back of the device, removing the inconvenience of a separate tube connection to the mask and allowing the oxygen to completely mix with warmed, humidified air.


Key features

  • Saves valuable time by eliminating the need to connect separate oxygen tubing.
  • Slim and sleek design improves your comfort by offering more flexibility and reducing mask drag.
  • Supports higher bilevel pressures needed to treat challenging obstructive lung diseases.

We care about your sleep. To help ensure your sleep apnoea therapy is comfortable and effective, we offer a wide range of relevant accessories. Visit our webshop to learn more. 

How to buy

This product is not available in our online store. Please discuss with your healthcare team or call us on 0800 917 7071.

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