EliséeTM Transport and Emergency Bag

  • The Transport and Emergency Bag provides hospital certification for EliséeTM 250 and 350 ventilators during inter-hospital transfers.

    The secure, sturdy, ergonomic design of the Transport and Emergency Bag ensures ease of use in stressful and fast-moving situations. It provides effective access to the user interface, making it easy for you to monitor and manage therapy without removing the device. It is also shock-resistant, to protect the ventilator from sudden jolts or being dropped, and offers protection against water and fire.

    ResMed also offers a Travel Bag for the Elisée 150 ventilator. It is not certified for inter-hospital transport and is intended primarily for patients who want to take their Elisée 150 outside their care environment. 

Key features

  • The Transport and Emergency Bag is designed to hold the Elisée 250 or 350 ventilator and a range of transport components. It can be hooked on to a bed, in an ambulance or off the back of a wheelchair.
  • The Transport and Emergency Bag is shock-resistant and offers protection against water and fire. 
  • You can view and access alarms and controls without removing the ventilator from the bag. 
  • The Travel Bag is primarily intended for the Elisée 150 ventilator and its accessories but can be used with all three models of Elisée ventilator (150, 250 and 350). 

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How to buy

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