Treatment options

If COPD sufferers are admitted to a medical centre due to an acute attack, they are often put on ventilation. But, once they are sent home, the standard therapy is either pharmacology or oxygen.

Oxygen can address hypoxia caused by impaired gas exchange in the lung tissue – Type 1 respiratory failure. Oxygen does not, though, address hypercapnia caused by ventilatory failure – Type 2 respiratory failure.

There is strong scientific evidence that noninvasive ventilation (NIV) therapy is an effective option for most COPD patients that are hospitalised. What is less considered is the employment of NIV to treat COPD patients with Type 2 respiratory failure in a home environment. Research carried out points to the fact that the use of NIV at home can provide COPD patients with significant quality of life benefits.1

ResMed products

ResMed is committed to improving quality of life for COPD patients through the use of home NIV systems. Presently, several NIV systems are available for use by COPD patients in the home.



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There are many positive outcomes for COPD patients being treated with NIV.