Solutions for women


Unique therapy for women

The pioneering AirSense™ 10 AutoSet™ for Her is based on ResMed’s AutoSet algorithm and delivers therapeutic responses that have been tailored to the characteristics of OSA in women. Research has shown that women with OSA have more upper airway resistance than the general OSA population1, which is why the AutoSet for Her algorithm has been designed to be more sensitive to flow limitation.

In addition, the algorithm provides more subtle changes in therapy pressure to minimise any sleep disturbance. The AutoSet for Her algorithm also automatically adjusts the minimum AutoSet pressure if apnoeas are occurring frequently below a certain threshold.

Insightful reporting

The unique AutoSet for Her algorithm provides a respiratory effort-related arousal (RERA) reporting feature within AirView™ − ResMed’s securely-hosted cloud-based patient management system. This new feature, part of the new algorithm, provides additional clinical insight by identifying events leading to arousals.

A complete offering

The AirSense™ 10 AutoSet for Her can be paired with the AirFit™ for Her mask series to provide female patients with a complete therapy solution for women.  Masks designed for women give female patients options that may assist with acceptance of therapy and adherence.

In addition to the small-size cushion, the AirFit for Her masks come with smaller headgear and straps to provide an optimal fit for women. The headgear has also been designed to easily position over or under the hair to suit a variety of hairstyles, and is finished in a soft pink and grey colour scheme.


For a fully integrated approach to patient care, choose ResMed Air Solutions.


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