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Ventilation for Paediatric patients
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Ventilation for paediatric patients

As compared to adult breathing patterns, those in children are characterised by smaller tidal volumes (10mL/kg at birth) and an increased respiratory rate (40 bpm at birth, decreasing to 20 bpm at two years). ResMed ventilators have been specifically designed for paediatric respiratory needs.


ResMed's paediatric ventilation solution

Specifically engineered for younger patients, their caregivers and health care professionals, ResMed’s comprehensive paediatric ventilation solution provides easy access to quality noninvasive ventilation (NIV). The ideal system combines the Stellar ventilator, Pixi™ mask, H4i™ heated humidifier with SlimLine™ tubing, ResMed Power Station II (RPS II) and monitoring solutions.

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Special considerations for paediatric patients

There are a number of special considerations for paediatric patients using noninvasive ventilation therapy.

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