Mask comfort a winner for Preston

Preston had stopped using his previous CPAP machine and mask due to the noise, uncomfortable straps and face covering. However, since tyring the nasal mask he is now regularly using CPAP and finds the less restrictive straps and lighter weight machine important points for user comfort.

Well done team, from Ken Duncan

Award winning landscape photographer - Ken Duncan - spoke at the AirMini and AirTouch internal launch in July, at Bella Vista.  He shared his personal story as a sleep apnea patient, as well as giving a message of appreciation to staff.  Here's a message for all ResMed staff.

I couldn't believe what it was like to be awake!

We're very fortunate to have Tim's personal story that he took himself - being a television producer and director, it was second nature.  Watch his testimony as he describes how CPAP has changed his life from the first time he used it.  In his words "OMG this is what people feel like after having 8 hours sleep!", and even better he has a lot more energy and can now sleep next to his wife.