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Why do we snore?

In simple terms, we snore when our body is not able to move air freely through the nose and throat - while we are asleep. In terms of anatomy, snoring is a result of a partially closed upper airway or the upper respiratory tract as that includes the nose and throat.

Impact of snoring

Snoring disrupts your sleep in more ways than one, and disturbs your bed partner, or people sleeping nearby. However, it poses some serious health risks too..

How to stop snoring?

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Snoring videos

What causes snoring is a question that can be answered multiple ways, please watch the video to understand “Why do we snore?”

Snoring myths

Snoring is a genuine health concern that plays mischief with yours and other's sleep. However, our socio-economic condition is such that the concept of snoring is clouded with a lot of myths, which leads people to often assume snoring is not a big issue