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Your snoring can be an alarm to an unhealthy heartbeat

Your snoring can be an alarm to an unhealthy heartbeat: Listen carefully

A loud snoring sound is no music to anyone's ears, especially if there is someone who shares the room with you. There are chances that your snoring is just a breathing sound and would not cause any threat to your health but not always this is the case with snorers.

Obstructive sleep apnea: a risk factor for type-2 diabetes

Sleep apnea is a more serious condition that it appears to be. The loud snoring sound is not just a threat to a peaceful sleep but also to your physical health in the long run. The epidemiological rates of sleep apnea are increasing in number in adults especially in its mild to moderate forms.

Obstructive sleep apnea
Are you sleeping around the clock?

Are you sleeping around the clock? Excessive daytime sleepiness can signify sleep apnea

There are times when it feels like a real struggle for some of you to keep yourself awake while sitting in front of your desktop screen or while you are out on a road, driving. Asleep while driving? Sounds scary doesn't it, well it is true, according to National