Canule nasale à haut débit AcuCare HFNCTM

  • La canule nasale à haut débit AcuCare™ HFNC est ajustée rapidement et intuitivement. Une fois ajustée, elle est conçue pour rester en place et fournir une oxygénothérapie à haut débit (OHD) rapide, stable et efficace.

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  • Fits in seconds. Drawing on technology used in ResMed’s premium patient interfaces, the AcuCare HFNC is built with the same innovative dual-strap headgear to allow fitting in seconds. The headgear’s stretch fabric lets you move the straps apart to loosen, and bring them together to tighten. It's that simple.
  • Engineered to stay in place. The innovative dual-strap headgear sits snugly at the crown of the head. The frame stabilises the cannula on the face, and suits a wide range of individual facial profiles. From this stable platform, the prongs provide a contoured fit in the nares, ensuring patient comfort even at high flow rates.
  • Built‐in success. With innovation built into ResMed's AcuCare HFNC, you can simply fit it and trust it to provide quality care to your patients. When you select a ResMed interface, you're choosing technology that draws on over 25 years of experience in noninvasive solutions. So you can be confident in the quality of therapy you're providing to your patients.

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