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Narval CCTM Tuotetuki

Narval CCTM Tuotetuki

Valitessasi ResMedin, potilaasi eivät jää yksin hoitonsa kanssa. Me autamme ja tuemme koko ajan, jotta potilaasi hyötyisivät uniapnean hoidosta mahdollisimman paljon.




What material is the MRD made of? 

Narval CC is mainly composed of Polyamide 11 and laser-sintered Polyamide 12 


Does the Narval CC MRD contain latex, bisphenol A or phthalates? 

Narval CC doesn’t contain any resin, nor latex, bisphenol A or phthalate plasticizers (specifically: DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, DnOP, DnHP). It is also fabricated in a latex-free environment.

Is Narval CC biocompatible? 

The Narval CC biocompatibility has been demonstrated by tests based on the guidance provided by ISO 10993-1:2009 (Biological evaluation of medical devices - Evaluation and testing within a risk management process). 

Can I fit a MRD to somebody who is under 18? 

No. Narval CC is only indicated for the treatment of adults. 

Is there an age limit to wearing a MRD? 

Narval CC is only indicated for the treatment of adults. 


How should my patient clean their MRD? How often? 

Every morning clean it under water with a dedicated soft toothbrush before rinsing, drying it and putting it back into its box. Clean it more thoroughly twice a week with the sonic cleaner and an effervescent antibacterial tablet designed for orthodontic appliances (please refer to the Instructions For Use). 

Orthodontic cleaning brushes and effervescent antibacterial tablets are easily found at drugstores. 


Is it necessary to reach maximum protrusion for the MRD to be efficient? 

No. You have to find the right balance between comfort and effectiveness. If your patient’s control sleep study results are good, there is no need to further increase the protrusion.


At which percentage of the maximum protrusion do you set the MRD in the lab? 

Around 60% of maximum comfortable protrusion. 


What is the recommended minimal patient's maximal protrusion to prescribe a MRD? 

5 mm including the overjet. For example, if your patient is a class II with an overjet of 5 mm in normal occlusion and can protrude up to the end to end position, the MRD can be prescribed. 


Do I have to measure lateral movements (diductions)? 

No. Only lateral deviation while in protrusion needs to be measured. 

This product may not be available in all countries