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Narval CC eLearning

Available on ResMed Academy Online

At ResMed, we’ve been designing and developing innovative solutions to combat obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) for the last 28 years. To ensure our customers use our products effectively, we provide a full range of online trainings to assist you in your daily sleep practice.

Mandibular repositioning devices like ResMed’s Narval CCTM are one of the two main treatment options for OSA. You can now access all information about Narval CC in our eLearning platform, the ResMed Academy Online.

Learn how:

  • you can identify OSA patients,
  • to prescribe Narval CC,
  • to fit and adjust Narval CC for your dental sleep patients,
  • we manufacture Narval CC via an innovative digital process.

About ResMed Academy Online

The ResMed Academy Online provides a full range of eLearning courses, product tutorials, and videos that help you to better screen, diagnose and treat OSA.

How do I sign up to start the Narval CC eLearning?

System requirements

Listed here are the computer system requirements for ResMed Academy Online. If you do not have the programs listed, click the link and install the application on your computer.

- Internet Explorer (Download) - Recommended browser

- Adobe Flash (Download)

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