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Using the H5iTM humidifier: FAQs

The H5iTM Heated Humidifier integrates seamlessly with S9TM therapy devices to provide patients with relief from dryness and congestion. Answers to frequently asked questions about using the H5i Humidifier are provided below.

What is the difference between ClimateLine™ Air heated tubing and normal tubing?

ResMed's ClimateLine Air heated tubing works with our exclusive Climate Control system to deliver a constant comfortable temperature at your patient's mask throughout the night. Because the system measures temperature at the mask, it will remain at the preferred setting regardless of changes in ambient temperature or humidity. The ClimateLine Air heated tube virtually eliminates rainout (condensation) in the tube, which can occur when the temperature drops during the night.

In addition, the ClimateLine Air heated tube is smaller, slimmer and sleeker than standard mask tubing, resulting in increased flexibility and less mask drag for a more comfortable night’s sleep.

Is there a simple way to check that the H5i is working properly?

Yes. To confirm whether the H5i is functioning properly, complete the following steps;

  • Disconnect the ClimateLine tubing and remove the water tub.
  • While the S9 is NOT running, place your hand on the heater plate to assess the temperature of the H5i heater plate. NOTE: Do NOT place your hand on the heater plate if the H5i has been running within the last 10 minutes as it could still be hot.
  • Set the humidifier output to 6.
  • Place the unit in warm-up mode and let it run for 1 minute.
  • Place your hand above the heater plate (without touching it) to confirm an increase in heater plate temperature. NOTE: Do NOT place your hand directly on the heater plate as it will be hot.
  • Press the dial for three seconds to enable cooling down mode.