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Education and treatment support
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Education and treatment support

We want to help you ventilate patients simply, successfully and without any problems.

Here are some resources to assist you in:

1. Improving patients’ acceptance of NIV therapy

2. Resolving issues encountered with non-invasive ventilation and humidification

3. Accessing Quick-Set Up guides and Clinical Guides for ResMed products

4. Finding out how to set up and troubleshoot ventilators and humidifiers

5. Improving your knowledge of ventilation online for free

Humidification support for ventilators

Why use a humidifier with a ventilator? Setting up, adjusting, cleaning and troubleshooting hospital humidifiers.

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Tips for initiating noninvasive ventilation

Successful NIV depends on gaining patient acceptance. Here are some tips for ensuring acceptance.

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Mask/device compatibility

Advice about fitting, replacing and cleaning a hospital mask.

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ResMed product guides

All ResMed product guides including clinical and quick set-up guides.

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ResMed warranty information for all products

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