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Solutions for patient travel: FAQs

Are you looking for ways to help your patients travel and enjoy an active lifestyle in combination with therapy? Find out about ResMed's travel accessories here.

My patient frequently travels with a sleep therapy device and wants an extra power supply to take along. Is it possible to buy power supplies separately?

Yes. ResMed offers an 90W Power Supply that can be used to connect a ResMed sleep therapy device and its humidifier to the mains electricity supply. If your patient doesn't need a humidifier, the smaller, lighter 30W Power Supply might be more convenient and is available for the S9 therapy devices only.

These power supplies can be plugged into wall sockets with an AC configuration and cannot be used with a DC configuration. Patients who need to power their sleep device from a car or boat battery or similar, will need the DC converter.

My patient is going on holiday and won't have reliable access to mains electricity. Is there a solution for this?

Yes. ResMed offers a DC converter that patients can use to power their ResMed sleep therapy devices from a car or boat battery or similar. Please note that DC converters are not to be used with ventilators.

Do you offer lightweight accessories that are suitable for travel?

Yes. Our SlimLine tubing is one of the slimmest, most flexible tubing on the market. It's 40% lighter, 20% thinner and takes up 35% less space than traditional CPAP tubing, making it ideal for travelling. The streamlined design also makes it easier for patients to move around in bed without pulling on the mask, so their mask and seal stay stable.

Available on the S9 Series only, the 30W Power Supply is also ideal for travel. It is smaller and lighter than the 90W Power Supply that comes as standard with all S9 CPAP machines. The 30W Power Supply is a great choice for patients that don't need an H5i™ Heated Humidifier but want a lightweight, convenient power solution for their therapy devices while travelling.

My patient wants to travel and bring a sleep therapy device. What protection advice can you provide?

ResMed's S9™, AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 Travel Bags are the ideal travel companions for ResMed’s sleep therapy devices. This sturdy, convenient hold-all protects the therapy device, the humidifier, tubing and mask when patients are travelling. It also has a storage compartment for extras, such as cleansing wipes or spare filters.

Our travel bags are well-padded, easy to pack and easy to carry by the handles or the convenient shoulder strap.

My patient needs constant ventilation but doesn't want to be stuck at home. How should my patient protect the ventilator while on the move?

We offer sturdy, custom-designed travel bags for our AstralTM, StellarTM and EliséeTM ventilators and associated accessories. All of our bags can be attached to a bed or a wheelchair, and offer access to the user interface so patients and carers can view and access alarms and controls without removing the device.

The Astral™ Mobility Bag protects your patient's Astral life support ventilator and accessories during travel. The Mobility Bag is easy to carry by hand or as a backpack thanks to its broad, comfortable shoulder straps. The user interface is fully accessible while the ventilator is inside the bag and the Astral's alarm systems function inside the Mobility Bag at a volume range of 45–75 dBA (in five steps) for greater safety and peace of mind.

The Stellar™ Mobility Bag gives your patient the reassurance of sturdy, purpose-built protection against knocks, dust and water.

The EliséeTM Transport Bag protects your patient's Elisée™ 150 ventilator and accessories during travel and everyday use.