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Improving patient comfort
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Improving patient comfort FAQs

Are you looking for ways to make your patient's therapy more comfortable? Find out about ResMed's comfort accessories here.

My patient wakes up with face marks and a sore nose (bridge), seemingly caused by the mask. Is there a solution for this? 

Patients whose masks leave marks on their face, or experience soreness on the bridge of their nose, are probably having to strap the mask too tightly to make a seal. Please read our FAQs on mask comfort for suggestions on improving the fit and seal of masks. 

If these problems persist, why not suggest SoftWraps or Gecko nasal pads? SoftWraps are gentle cloth padding for the mask's silicone headgear that help to stop your patient's mask slipping and reduce the appearance of strap marks on the face. The Gecko nasal pad is a comfortable, soft strip that is placed across the nasal bridge to help reduce skin irritation and facial sores, minimise mask leak, and improve overall mask comfort. 

The mask gets in the way of my patient’s sleep. Is there a solution for this? 

Your patient might benefit from a Contour CPAP Pillow. With the Contour Pillow, the mask is less likely to rub or press on your patient’s face, which increases comfort and can also reduce leakage caused by distortion. The Contour Pillow helps patients sleep more comfortably while wearing a CPAP mask whether they sleep on their side, back or stomach, and it also helps to create a more open airway for easier breathing. 

Tubing gets in the way and makes it difficult for my patient to sleep. Is there a solution for this? 

The streamlined design of ResMed's SlimLine tubing makes it easier for patients to move around in bed without pulling on the mask. This helps their mask and seal remain stable. SlimLine tubing is slim and flexible: it's 40% lighter, 20% thinner and takes up 35% less space than traditional CPAP tubing.