AutoSet technology
AutoSet technology

AutoSetTM technology

Changes in sleep stage, weight, body position, and other factors can alter a patient's airway pressure treatment requirements from night to night, hour to hour and breath to breath. At times they may need higher pressure to maintain airway patency, and at times their pressure needs may be lower. ResMed's AutoSet™ automatic positive airway pressure (APAP) devices monitor a patient's airway on a breath-by-breath basis and deliver only the pressure that patients need-when they need it.

  • Our AutoSet devices are designed to provide the minimum pressure required at each point in time to identify and appropriately respond to both central and obstructive apnoeas/hypopnoeas and upper airway resistance.
  • Patients report better subjective sleep and achieve a significant reduction (37%) in median treatment pressure with consequently lower system leaks than fixed-pressure therapy (CPAP).1
  • Patients on treatment pressures of 10 cm H2O or higher, or who have side effects from CPAP treatment, experience more benefit from auto-adjusting therapy such as AutoSet.2,3,4
  • ResMed's AutoSet devices use a patented algorithm that responds to flow limitation (the earliest sign of impending airway collapse), snoring and apnoea on a breath-by-breath basis.5-6