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Elisée series

EliséeTM series

Elisée™ series volume and pressure ventilators are the high performance choice for adults and children with acute or chronic respiratory conditions. Small, light and with a range of power supply options, the Elisée series is an effective solution whether patients are at home, in hospital, or in a fast-moving emergency situation.

The Elisée 150 offers a choice of therapy modes and parameters, including a unique PS.VT mode that is suitable for tracheostomy patients.

The Elisée 250 is a turbine-driven ventilator for the emergency transportation of acute adult and paediatric patients.

The Elisée 350 is an advanced, turbine-driven ventilator that delivers the performance of an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ventilator. It is ideally suited for emergency and critical care transport within and between hospitals. 

  • User-friendly features include a large touch screen, high-contrast display, and 180-degree rotating screen for high visibility in all conditions. Simple menus provide rapid access to a choice of therapy modes and parameters.
  • Small, light and with a range of power supply options, Elisée series ventilators are portable and powerful. The Elisée 150, 250 and 350 feature micro-turbines that operate with ambient air.
  • Our exclusive NIV+ technology enhances patient-device synchrony to detect and manage leaks and changes in breathing. Your therapy will be more effective and your patient will breathe more comfortably. 

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