AstralTM series

Delivering on its promise to provide greater freedom, confident care and designed efficiency, Astral 100 and Astral 150 are proving themselves to be invaluable life support ventilators for a wide range of patient types – from adult patients to paediatric patients weighing as little as 5 kg.

By introducing an auto-adjusting volume-assured pressure support mode (iVAPS*) with an intelligent-backup rate (iBR) and auto-adjusting EPAP (AutoEPAP), Astral sets a new standard in responsive life support ventilation. It’s what we call ‘IntelligentAir’. Learn about Astral and IntelligentAir.

Astral also features wireless connectivity through the ResMed Connectivity Module so therapy data can be sent straight from your patients’ homes to AirView™ or AirView Exchange**. Secure access to online updates means you can view daily therapy reports remotely and monitor trends when it suits you, without performing manual downloads. These functions make it easy to support home-based patients and feel well prepared for visits.

* iVAPS therapy mode is indicated for patients weighing 30 kg and above
** AirView Exchange enables the synchronisation of your internal software application directly with Airview, allowing you and your staff to work within your own system.


Introducing Astral


Astral highlights

Greater freedom

Day after day, Astral does what it does best: provides quality ventilation to patients on life support – enriching their lives with a renewed sense of independence and freedom.

Confident care

Because time and information are vital, Astral gives you all the right tools to support informed decision making, close observation and optimised patient therapy.

Designed efficiency

When you bring any new device into a clinical environment, it’s essential for staff to find it easy to use.


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