LifeChoice Activox 4L - Designed for mobility
Designed for mobility

Designed for mobility

Light and portable

At only 2.2 kilograms (4.8 pounds), the LifeChoiceTM ActivoxTM 4L is light enough for patients to carry throughout the day. It’s designed to be practical for everyday use. A user-friendly carry case with straps (included in the standard package) converts easily between 4 convenient carrying options: briefcase, shoulder bag, hands-free backpack and hands-free waist pack. Wherever they go and whatever they do, the LifeChoice Activox 4L makes it easier for your patients to stay active.

Powered to keep up

With a device that keeps on delivering, patients enjoy the freedom to travel and continue activities away from home.

With a powerful internal battery lasting up to 10 hours*, and an optional external battery providing an extra 4 hours of use*, patients can stay out for the day without worrying.

If they need extended hours away from home, patients can also use the AC/DC adapter to recharge on the go – even while they’re using their device.

Simple, easy to use interface

The transflective LCD display screen is easy to read in direct sunlight and total darkness so it’s straightforward to monitor and manage operations. 

The control panel shows relevant day-to-day information (e.g. battery life, mode) as well as error messages and alarms.

Simplicity and ease of use helps patients to feel confident about their therapy and facilitates self-management.


* In setting 1