Simple therapy, maximum comfort
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Simple therapy, maximum comfort

The LifeChoiceTM ActivoxTM 4L is firmly focused on meeting your patients’ needs and offering them the freedom, comfort and confidence that comes with portable therapeutic support.

Responsive algorithms deliver the right dose of oxygen, exactly when it’s needed. The reliable, thoughtfully designed LifeChoice Activox 4L keeps pace as your patient’s activity levels change during the day and their condition evolves over the long term.

Efficient oxygen delivery:

  • PULSE-WAVETM technology effectively delivers the required dose of oxygen while minimising waste and reducing the risk of nasal irritation and nose bleeds.
  • Auto Mode senses changes in your patient’s activity level and adapts to their breathing requirements.
  • Auto Dose, a feature of Auto Mode, ensures treatment continuity. It provides a ‘safety’ dose of oxygen.