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Data solutions

Featuring intuitive interfaces and at-a-glance reports, our patient monitoring and data management solutions can help you proactively identify patient issues and address them early on. We also offer patient apps that help boost patients’ engagement in their therapy. All of which aims to increased patient compliance, less time spent on patient follow-up and monitoring, and enhanced profitability for healthcare professionals.

Patient management


An easy and flexible patient management system providing excellent therapy insights.


A securely-hosted cloud-based patient management system that brings you data on demand.

Patient apps

AirMini™ app

AirMini App enables users to control their AirMini device and view nightly sleep scores and CPAP therapy data directly from a smart device.


myAir allows patients with AirSense 10 and AirCurve 10 therapy devices to track their nightly sleep data and receive interactive coaching.