Nox A1 PSG System

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    The Nox A1 is a sophisticated, versatile polysomnography (PSG) system for ambulatory and online sleep studies that delivers secure and precise measurements from adult and paediatric patients.

    Combining innovative ergonomics and new technologies, the Nox A1 provides higher-quality diagnostic data. This small, lightweight PSG recorder is easy to set up for home sleep testing. Its ergonomic design and minimal number of cables and straps gives your patient a more comfortable sleeping experience by enabling them to move around during the night.

    The Nox A1 comes with cutting-edge Noxturnal analysis and reporting sleep software so you can fully interpret the resulting data. 

Key features

  • Revolutionary ergonomics in electrode application save time during patient hook-up and help to increase patient comfort.
  • Extensive signal capabilities provide detailed data for improved diagnostics. The Nox A1 monitors abdomen and thorax respiratory efforts and derived flow, nasal cannula flow and mask pressure, body position and activity, SpO2, pulse and plethysmography, and EtCO2 (optional) signals, as well as offering a series of unipolar and configurable bipolar inputs.
  • An extremely high sampling rate of 256 kHz, continuous impedance control, enables you to minimise lost studies. 
  • Powerful Noxturnal software provides you with automatic analysis, scoring and reporting in a user-friendly format. For extra flexibility, use the Noxturnal app for Android tablets to set up recorders and perform bio-calibration and impedance checks next to your patient.
  • By using Bluetooth® technology to create a wireless body area network, the Nox A1 saves time during hook-up, increases your patient's comfort, and saves on cleaning costs. It can also be used to connect external devices, such as a PtCO2 monitor, ResMed S9 series device or Tx Link, during the sleep study.
  • A built-in microphone records high quality sound. Playing the audio along with the other recorded signals can give you new insights into your patient's sleeping habits and help you to fine tune your diagnosis. An online video option is also available.

How to buy

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