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AirViewTM Diagnostic

AirViewTM Diagnostic

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Ensuring the efficient flow of patients through the diagnostic pathway is a constant challenge due to various bottlenecks that can occur. AirView Diagnostic, as an integrated tool within ResMed’s AirView secure patient management solution, helps eliminate these bottlenecks and streamlines the patient pathway from initial screening and diagnosis to treatment, while improving collaboration amongst various clinical users. 


Key Features

  • AirView Diagnostic allows home sleep tests to be shared between the referrer and sleep lab, achieved by saving results to a centrally stored and secure database - giving physicians access from anywhere where they have an internet connection.
  • Supporting ApneaLinkTM Air Home sleep testing device and Nox T3 PG, AirView Diagnostic offers comprehensive analysis in the cloud, with manual scoring capability and innovative eSignature reporting within the browser removing the need to continually update software.

How to buy

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