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Our ultimate goal is to help the millions of undiagnosed sleep apnoea patients get the treatment they need. ResMed's comprehensive diagnostic solutions empower sleep labs to use home sleep testing to help screen more patients and compatible software to efficiently manage each step of the diagnostic process.

Some products may not be available in all countries.

Home Sleep Testing

Sleep screening and diagnostic devices provide clear, accurate, reliable results in a user-friendly format. Wireless connectivity and an unobtrusive design help to create a more natural environment for your patient during home sleep testing.

ApneaLink™ Air

Type III home sleep testing device that can record up to five channels of information.

Nox T3 Portable Sleep Monitor

The Nox T3 is a small but sophisticated portable respiratory sleep monitor for adults and children.

Lab Testing

Packed with advanced technologies for accurate, reliable results, our sleep monitoring devices are designed to optimise technical performance and patient comfort. They are suitable for everything from home tests to lab-based polysomnography monitoring.

Nox A1 PSG System

The Nox A1 is a sophisticated, versatile polysomnography system that delivers secure and precise measurements from adult and paediatric sleep studies.


ResMed provides powerful, flexible, user-friendly software to diagnose, manage and monitor your patients' sleep disordered breathing. Our solutions cover everything from the detection of sleep apnoea to full-featured polysomnography (PSG) studies.

AirView™ Diagnostic

AirView is a user-friendly, cloud-based online platform for the diagnosis and management of sleep-disordered breathing.

ApneaLink™ reporting software

ApneaLink reporting software is the user-friendly analysis and reporting tool for ApneaLink screening devices for sleep-disordered breathing.


Noxturnal analysis and reporting sleep software is a cutting-edge solution that unleashes the full potential of the Nox A1 and T3 recording systems.

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