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Tx Link

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Tx Link is part of ResMed's award-winning sleep lab titration system. It relays data between our intuitive, efficient EasyCare Tx titration software and the S9 VPAP™ Tx therapy device, or another compatible ResMed device.

Tx Link seamlessly integrates with all existing major polysomnography (PSG) systems, sending real-time signals from the therapy device directly to the PSG equipment. This enables you to easily make and document changes to therapy, communicate recommendations and benefit from ResMed's latest enhancements.


Key features

  • Available signals include Patient Flow, Mask Pressure, Leak, Minute Ventilation, Respiratory Rate, Tidal Volume, Inspiratory Time, Inspiration Set Pressure and Expiration Set Pressure.
  • Our comprehensive sleep lab titration system delivers comfortable therapy and caters to all patient types. It is composed of the VPAP Tx therapy device, EasyCare Tx titration software, and Tx Link connection module.
  • EasyCare Tx is user-friendly software that allows you to manage therapy settings remotely with accurate, real-time data from the VPAP Tx therapy device.
  • The VPAP Tx is a flexible, all-in-one therapy device on our award-winning S9 platform. It increases patient comfort and reduces night-time disruptions by making it easier to adjust therapies and simplify titrations.

EasyCare Tx titration Software Download
EasyCare Tx ver: 9.0

EasyCare Tx ver: 9.0

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