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The S9 VPAP™ Tx titration therapy device helps you introduce a smooth start to your patients’ therapy, during and after titration. Built on the award-winning S9 platform, this device is sleek, quiet and delivers comfortable therapy that allows your patients to fall asleep and stay asleep, so your titrations are an overnight success. The S9 VPAP Tx is versatile, with adult and paediatric therapy titration applications that allow you to treat a wide range of patients. It also features ResMed’s most advanced technology and a spectrum of tools and features to increase efficiencies in your sleep lab.


Key Features

  • Climate Control. ResMed’s most advanced humidification technology maximises patient comfort.
  • Guided mode transitions. Eliminates sudden pressure changes and enables a smooth transition from one mode of pressure to another.
  • Easy-Breathe waveform. Synchronises pressure with the patient’s natural breathing pattern.
  • True leak reporting. Automatically displays accurate mask leak data, eliminating the need to reference charts to calculate appropriate leak values.
  • Prescription report. Seamlessly incorporates the final mask, device and titration settings into a script, and the Detailed Settings Report captures and time-stamps all changes made to therapy pressures and settings during the night, minimising study turnaround times.

EasyCare Tx titration Software Download
EasyCare Tx ver: 9.0

EasyCare Tx ver: 9.0

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