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Comfort leads to compliance
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Comfort leads to compliance


Today, ResMed is one of the few companies to use computer-aided design and manufacturing to produce an oral appliance that’s created uniquely for your patient’s specific mouth anatomy. 

Patients prefer custom-made oral appliances1

A recent comparative study demonstrated that a custom-made oral appliance is twice as effective in reducing snoring than non-custom, thermo-plastic MRDs.1 It has a higher compliance rate – 94% over 69% – and patients are more likely to prefer it (82%).1

Easy to adopt

Narval CC is custom-made, so it’s comfortable and easy to wear. This fosters the consistent, nightly use that's so important to positive long-term results.

  • Sturdy and lightweight, small and discreet, 86% of patients wear their Narval CC every night.2
  • In an ongoing five-year ResMed clinical study, we found that patients used it on average 6.7 hours per night, and 6.7 nights per week.2

A custom design that starts at the dentist’s

The custom-design of Narval CC starts with the dentist. It’s important to partner with one who’s developed expertise in dental sleep therapy. A specialist dentist will carefully examine your patient’s mouth, ensuring they have a sufficient number of well-anchored teeth and do not present with any contraindications. A specialist dentist will also take high-precision imprints of your patient’s teeth to help get the best device possible.


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