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An oral appliance from a sleep expert


Narval CC™ is a clinically-proven1 mandibular repositioning device (MRD). Unlike other oral appliances, Narval CC is custom-manufactured by a sleep therapy expert rather than a dental manufacturer. Indeed, we at ResMed have been designing and developing innovative solutions to combat obstructive sleep apnoea and related respiratory conditions for over 25 years.

Comfort is key

At ResMed, we understand that comfort is key to the consistent, nightly use that's so important to long-term compliance and efficacy. That's why we've designed Narval CC to be one of the smallest and lightest oral appliances available on the market.

Innovation at work

ResMed has used every single innovation at its disposal to optimise the Narval CC oral appliance. Its use of a biocompatible2 polymer reduces the chance of allergies and it has been designed to withstand teeth grinding from patients with bruxism.3

A patented articulation method enables your patients to sleep with their mouths closed4 – but gives them the flexibility to open it, and even drink if necessary. And because it clips onto teeth rather than wrap around them, Narval CC doesn't slide around in their mouth, or stick to their teeth as they take it off.

Narval CC is designed to reduces stress on your patients’ teeth and jaw muscles.4 And it’s designed to make it easy for a dentist to find just the right balance between comfort and treatment effectiveness.

 A medically-supervised process

Successful oral appliance treatment requires close collaboration between an efficient network of healthcare providers. Narval CC is a medical device that’s prescribed after a sleep test and whose usage follows a well-established clinical protocol. It requires expert dental evaluation, precise fitting, monitoring of the patient’s condition, and periodic adjustment of the device’s advancement levels in order to maintain treatment efficacy. 


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