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Implications for clinical practice
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Implications for clinical practice

Identify residual CSA with ResScanTM

The statistical data of ResScan provide the AHI, AI, CAI, HI and ODI (if used with an oximeter), which allows you to identify residual CSA and CSR during CPAP therapy.

1. Log into ResScan

2. Go to patient record

3. Go to “Settings"

4. Check that your patient is on CPAP/APAP therapy by looking at the Therapy mode


5. Go to “Statistics”

6. Select the last 2 weeks

7. Look at AHI & AI to see if: AHI ≥ 15/h, AI > 5/h or CAI > 5/h


Identify residual CSA with AirViewTM

AirView colour-coded wireless dashboard allows you to easily identify low usage and residual AHI. It provides an overview of the usage, AHI and leakage of the last 10 days.

AirView icon guide is available on the AirView welcome page under “Resources” at the bottom of the page.


1. Log into AirView

2. Go under the patients tab and then click on wireless selection to access the wireless dashboard

3. Look at your patients on CPAP/APAP therapy

4. Look at patients with these icons

5. Click on the square indicating a too high AHI to see detailed data


6. Look at AHI to see if AHI ≥ 15/h

7. Click on the patient

8. Go to “Create report” and select “Compliance & Therapy report”


9. Go through the report and look for CAI to see if CAI > 5/h