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Benefits of using a humidifier
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Benefits of using a humidifier: FAQs

Humidification adds moisture to the air that you breathe and can make your CPAP, APAP or bilevel therapy more comfortable. We've provided answers to some commonly asked questions about the benefits of humidifiers below.

Please remember that you should always follow your doctor's instructions and the information provided in the user manual when using your humidifier or any other piece of medical equipment.

What are the benefits of using a humidifier? 

Up to 70% of PAP users experience nasal congestion and dryness of the nose and throat*. These symptoms can be severe enough to prevent you from continuing your treatment, but many of them can be resolved with the use of a humidifier.

The H5i heated humidifier adds moisture and warmth to the air delivered by a CPAP, APAP or bilevel system. This reduces symptoms of dryness and congestion, improving your comfort and compliance. Research also shows that nasal resistance can promote mouth breathing, which in turn leads to additional dryness. Heated humidification can prevent the large increase in nasal resistance that results in mouth breathing and leaks.

Is there any recommendation for the type of mask to be used with heated humidification?

Because you can adjust the level of heat, heated humidification offers greater flexibility and reduces more severe symptoms. Both nasal pillows and masks are a viable option when using humidification; however, "rainout" (moisture caused by having the humidifier turned up too high) when using nasal pillows may become more of an issue as the moisture is directed into the nostrils.

Should I use my humidifier all the time? I usually use it only in the winter months when the heat is on and the air is dryer.

Heated humidification will particularly improve your therapy comfort during the winter months when the air tends to be dryer. However, you might also experience nasal symptoms at other times of the year. If this happens, you should probably use your humidifier. The added humidification will increase your breathing comfort as the air will be fully moisturised. 


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