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Follow up on treatment
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Following up on your treatment


Regular follow-up is the best way for you and your healthcare team to monitor your sleep health.

Your Narval CC™ oral appliance is made precisely to fit your specific needs, and your dental sleep clinician will adjust the settings to suit your treatment requirements. Over time, however, those needs might change, and your settings might need to be changed as a result. Follow-up allows your clinician to see how you're responding to your therapy and adjust it to optimise efficacy and compliance, so you can continue to get the most out of your treatment.

How often should I go back to my care provider for a checkup?

Some care providers will suggest their own follow-up routines. In general, we recommend that you visit your dental sleep clinician six months after you begin treatment. After that, an annual check up should be sufficient. 

If you stop feeling the benefits of treatment even though you use your equipment every night, you should speak to your care provider as soon as possible. 

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