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Ultra Mirage NV Full Face mask
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Ultra MirageTM NV Full Face

Ultra MirageTM NV Full Face

This product may not be available in all countries.

The Ultra Mirage™ NV is a non-vented full face mask that provides superior performance and comfort when you're receiving long-term ventilation treatment at home or in hospital.


Key Features

  • The secure, stable seal of the Ultra Mirage NV delivers effective therapy without compromising on comfort or convenience. Dual-cushion technology reduces pressure on your nose, a 360° elbow gives you greater freedom of movement, and quick-release headgear means it's easy to put on and take off.  
  • Designed to provide you with effective, comfortable ventilation at home or in hospital.
  • The Ultra Mirage NV features a 360° rotating elbow, to give you a greater range of movement. 
  • Dual-wall cushion technology creates an excellent seal while reducing pressure on your nose.
  • Quick-release top and bottom headgear clips mean it's fast and easy to put your mask on and take it off. With less fuss and no need for endless adjustments, you'll have more confidence in your therapy and more time to spend on other things.

How to buy

After receiving your official diagnosis from your physician, you can get your mask and device from your care provider. For a list of local care providers in your area, please contact us.

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