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What to expect when you choose Narval CC
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What to expect when you choose Narval CC

You’ve chosen to adopt Narval CC™ to help you fight your snoring and reduce the severity of the apnoeas that leaves you tired and listless – congratulations! You’re on the journey to better health. 

Here’s a short checklist of the key milestones along your journey: 

  1. Make sure you’ve been screened for sleep apnoea, and that you know what your AHI is. Getting an optimal solution depends on having the right diagnosis. Plus, it’s the only way to monitor progress.
  2. Find a dentist with experience in dental sleep therapy.  You can ask your sleep physician for a referral, consult the European Dental Sleep Foundation registry, or contact us for help.
  3. In general, you’ll need to see your dentist for a mouth examination and teeth imprints; then you’ll need fitting and adjustment.
  4. Once you have an optimally-fitted Narval CC, wear it as regularly as possible if you want optimal results.
  5. Check in after 3 to 6 months to see how you're responding to your therapy. You may need to adjust your Narval CC to ensure it continually offers the optimal balance between treatment efficacy and comfort.
  6. Then, have yearly check-ups just as you do with other healthcare providers.   

And remember: if you stop feeling the benefits of treatment even though you use your equipment every night, you should speak to your care provider as soon as possible.