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Only minutes of effort for hours of sleep
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Only minutes of effort for hours of sleep


Narval CC packs custom-made comfort into a small, lightweight device, to make it easy for patients to wear it regularly. 

Regular use means success: almost 90%1 of patients who use it stop snoring. Yes, that's correct: they completely stop snoring.

Plus, almost 80%1 of people who used Narval CC to fight their sleep apnoea — including those with more severe cases of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) — saw their Apnoea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) decrease by more than 50%.1

Some two-thirds (66%)1 of users saw their AHI levels not only decrease, but fall below 10 — meaning their OSA had all but disappeared.

More comfort and satisfaction1,2,3

There’s more:

  • 9 out of 10 patients no longer disturb their partners with their snoring.1 Indeed, 84% of partners are satisfied and regain high-quality sleep.2 Good for you – good for your partner.
  • Two-thirds of Narval CC users who had been suffering from OSA stopped being tired during the day.1
  • 99% of people who use Narval CC are satisfied with their device.3
  • 77% of those who’ve tried Narval CC are still using it today.2

In fact, we’re confident that once you try Narval CC, you will likely get results that will encourage you to use it everyday for years to come.


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  2. A +A Healthcare study undertaken with 95 patients who wore Narval CC (Equinoxe in France) in 2011.
  3. Since 01/01/2012, in the framework of a ‘satisfied or reimbursed’ offer by ResMed in France, only 56 patients out of 5103 asked to be reimbursed.

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