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Narval CC: Custom-made for comfort
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Narval CC: Custom-made for comfort


Narval CC™ is a clinically-proven1 medical device that's custom-manufactured by ResMed, the sleep therapy experts who've spent over 25 years successfully developing solutions to treat sleep apnoea and snoring.

Patients prefer appliances specifically made for them2

A recent comparative study2 demonstrated that a custom-made oral appliance is twice as effective in reducing snoring than a non-custom, thermo-plastic one. It has a higher compliance rate - 94% over 69%2 - and patients are more likely to prefer it (82%).So it’s worth the extra effort to seek out a dentist that can make you a device rather than buy one from the internet or pharmacy.

A custom design that starts with your dentist

The custom-design of Narval CC starts at the dentist. Choose one with expertise in dental sleep. They will carefully examine your mouth, and if there are no contraindications and no issues like missing teeth or major dental work to be performed, they will take a quick imprint and some measurements of your mouth.

A personalised solution that maximises comfort

Once ResMed receives these imprints we will use computer-aided design and manufacturing to produce an oral appliance that’s created uniquely for you. ResMed is today one of the few companies to use such a high-tech process for oral appliances.

A holistic approach

At ResMed, we take a holistic approach to produce an oral appliance that does more than just help you breath. Narval CC is designed to reduce stress on your teeth and jaw muscles.3 And it’s designed to make it easy for a dentist to find just the right balance between comfort and treatment effectiveness. We really do make it easy.

Moving the lower jaw forward to help open the airway while you sleep may optimise treatment effectiveness, but it won't be comfortable. Too little advancement will certainly be more comfortable, but won't have the same effect. That's why you'll start with just the level you need to begin with, and then slowly adjust over time as you get used to wearing your appliance. 


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