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ResMed offers a full range of treatment options, from CPAP masks and devices to oral appliances, humidifiers and much more.

ResMed Official Shops

ResMed offers a wide range of masks, devices and accessories to suit your individual needs. Click on one of the links below to visit our local web-shops.


ResMed's therapy masks combine lightweight comfort with a minimal design to provide superior fit and seal, helping ensure your treatment is as effective as possible.


Our sleep apnoea treatment devices are designed to give you a more natural breathing experience, offering whisper-quiet therapy and user-friendly technology to enhance your comfort and ease of use.

Oral appliance

Patients seeking an alternative to PAP therapy will enjoy the lightweight, low profile design of Narval CCTM. This custom-made device puts your personal comfort first and is one of the smallest oral appliances available,* making it extremely comfortable to wear and easy to sleep with.

*Centre Technique des Industries Mécaniques - Technical Center for Mechanical Industry 2013; Characterization of six medical devices, Chaillou, CET0080070/6D1.


Designed to be used with our sleep apnoea products, ResMed's range of humidifiers can help ensure that your sleep therapy is free from dryness, nasal congestion, mouth leak and more.


Sleep apnoea products can wear out over time. It's important to replace your mask and supplies on a regular basis to ensure that you're receiving the most comfortable, effective and hygienic therapy possible.

Innovation and technology

ResMed products are known for their innovative, lightweight designs and top-tier technology, offering you more comfortable sleep apnoea therapy.