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Travel CPAP solutions: Do you need a travel CPAP machine?

Travel CPAP solutions exist for a variety of travel needs, and generally don’t require the use of special travel CPAP machines. We understand that this is a concern for many people using sleep apnea therapy. If you’re about to take a long trip overseas – or even a short weekend away from home – your first concern may be whether your CPAP equipment is portable enough to take with you.

In this blog exploring travel and CPAP, we’ll take a look at whether travel CPAP machines are required to take your sleep apnea therapy on the go, and what other solutions exist for traveling with your CPAP equipment.

Travel CPAP machines: Do you need a special CPAP machine to travel?

Maybe you’ve received a sleep apnea diagnosis and are about to begin CPAP therapy. Or, perhaps you’ve been on CPAP treatment for a number of years, but haven’t yet traveled with your equipment. Eventually, you’re going to face the question: Can I travel with my CPAP equipment? Is it portable enough to use outside of my home?

The answer to both of those questions is a definite yes. You can travel with your CPAP machine. It’s definitely portable enough to take on the road and most modern CPAP machines are allowed on planes. They are also easy to use in a hotel room, just as they are in your bedroom.

However, if you travel often and do decide you want something lighter, ResMed AirMini™ is the perfect traveling companion. It’s the world’s smallest CPAP machine and offers waterless humidification. 1

So there’s no need to skip a vacation or worry about whether you can stay on therapy during a business trip. You can take either your CPAP equipment or a travel CPAP machine with you wherever you go. offers an overview of common CPAP travel solutions, while answering some of the more frequently asked CPAP travel questions, like:

  • Will my ResMed CPAP machine work with a battery? Short answer: yes!
  • Are converters available for use in a vehicle with a 12V or 24V DC power source? Also yes!
  • Will my CPAP machine work in other countries? Absolutely.
  • Can I use my CPAP machine during a flight? Yes – and more on that topic in our next blog entry.

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