CPAP batteries and adaptors

Being on CPAP therapy usually means that you need to sleep near an outlet to power your device. That doesn’t mean you can’t travel and still get the benefits of therapy. With adapters and external batteries, you can still get the quality of sleep you need, whether at home or on the road.

External CPAP battery

You can power your CPAP device with an external battery. The ResMed Power Station II (RPS II) is perfect for traveling, especially when you don’t have access to an outlet, such as air travel or camping. It’s also perfect for when you stay in hotels or other locations where an outlet is not located near the bed.

External CPAP batteries are also great to have on hand as a CPAP battery backup in the event of a power outage. External batteries can power your device for up to 13 hours. Don’t forget to charge your external battery prior to use.

CPAP battery converters

Did you know that you can power your CPAP machine using a 12-volt battery, such as a car battery? Check out our technical battery brochure guide for specifications to determine battery compatibility for your machine.

CPAP travel made easy

It’s easier than ever to travel with a CPAP machine with AirMini™. Smaller and lightweight, AirMini goes where you go while still delivering quality sleep apnea therapy. Learn more about AirMini.

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