ClimateLineAir and CPAP Rainout

Uncomfortable therapy due to a dry mouth can be one of the most discouraging side effects of using a CPAP machine. Humidification during therapy can help, but can also contribute to CPAP rainout.

You may be asking what is CPAP rainout? Isn’t rainout what ruins baseball games? When warm air cools in your tubing and eventually reaches your mask as water, your face becomes damp – which is known as rainout, and it’s the last thing you need when trying to get a comfortable night’s rest.

Which is why we developed the ClimateLineAir™ heated tube for ResMed Air10™ (which includes AirSense™ 10 and AirCurve™ 10) CPAP machines, a premium alternative to standard tubing. It was designed to keep the temperature of the humidified air constant as it travels through the tube to your mask.

Why the heated tube for your CPAP humidifier?

An uncomfortable mask due to rainout in your standard tubing isn’t a part of the restful night’s sleep we want you to experience with your ResMed CPAP mask. Speaking of standard tubing, why even tiptoe the line of comfort? Specifically designed to keep the humidified air at a maintained temperature while it passes through the tube, our ClimateLineAir heated tube will keep you comfortable year-round. You won’t feel like you’re snoozing with a damp tissue on your face.

Whether you’re a new user of a ResMed Air10™ machine — we’ll get to that shortly — or a seasoned veteran, the difference a ClimateLineAir heated tube can make is remarkable. The ClimateLineAir heated tube is also the key that unlocks the machine’s Climate Control system, which features an enhanced auto option that eliminates overly complicated menus and settings. And the best part is you’ll sleep with fewer restrictions thanks to our flexible tube design and the #1 preferred mask brand by CPAP users.

Just like that classic infomercial slogan, Climate Control has a set and forget function. All you have to do is tune it to the temperature of your preference – anywhere between 60 and 86°F – and you’re good to go. Even if the temperature and humidity in the room changes, your tube temp stays the same.

Now, how about that Air10 CPAP machine?

Instead of having a separate humidifier sitting on your nightstand next to your Air10, you’ll get all the benefits of our heated humidifier that’s a part of every Air10 device. And one more thing, a study showed that CPAP users who use a heated humidification system like the one in Air10 spend significantly more time in REM sleep and continue therapy for a longer period of time.1 2

Where to get a ClimateLineAir Tubing

So, if you’re looking for superior comfort and enhanced sleep (and have a valid CPAP prescription), look no further than our ClimateLineAir heated tube and Air10 device. These two amazing ResMed products go together perfectly. Contact your local medical equipment supplier about requesting a ClimateLineAir.

This blog post contains general information about medical conditions and potential treatments. It is not medical advice. If you have any medical questions, please consult your doctor.

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