Airline CPAP policies

According to the US Bureau of Transportation Statistics, over 2 million passengers fly every day, which includes passengers with assisted devices including CPAP machines. Most airlines have specific policies for traveling with a CPAP machine, also referred to as an assisted or medical device. Before flying with your CPAP machine, you’ll need to contact your airline at least two weeks prior if not sooner. Let them know you will be bringing a CPAP machine and may need to use it in-flight.

Policies may vary between airlines. Click on the airline carrier below to view their online policy to learn more.

Air France

Air New Zealand

American Airlines

Asiana Airlines

Austrian Airlines

Bangkok Airways

Cathay Pacific



Jet Blue

Qatar Airways

Singapore Airlines

Swiss Airlines

United Airlines

Virgin America

Alaska Airlines

Southwest Airline

Hawaiian Airlines

If you do not see your airline listed, please call them directly.

Enjoy a restful flight with your CPAP device!


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