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Practice optimisation

Easy and fast

In 98% of cases, practitioners who tested it in our trial found the scanning process convenient or very convenient. In 58% of cases, they also considered the process fast or very fast, even though 5 practitioners out of 7 were beginners at using intraoral scanners.1

No more sending of physical elements

You can send us both the imprints and the bite registration in protrusion digitally, via the 3Shape Communicate platform. You no longer have to send any traditional imprints by mail to get a Narval CC.

Production time down to 10 working days

Thanks to fully digital processes, you can get your Narval CC in only 10 working days after we receive your digital imprints.

Online ordering and online payment available

With the 100% digital Narval CC process, you can order and pay online via our ResMed Narval Easy Upload platform.

Archiving of plaster models no longer required

Each time we produce a Narval CC from a digital imprint, we’ll send you the finished product as well as a 3D printed model for your reference. You don’t need to archive this model as ResMed archives your patient scans for 10 years. They easily can be reprinted from our software on demand.

Quality assessment before your patient leaves the chair

If you order a fully digital Narval CC, you can benefit from a simultaneous diagnostic service from ResMed. Just make an appointment with our customer service and we’ll provide you with live assistance for your first 3 scans — verifying the quality of your scan before your patient even leaves the chair. Our tests have shown that most dentists take correct prints with an intraoral scanner after using it just a few times.

1  IOS European Controlled Product Launch (CPL) – ResMed internal report, data on file (confidential) – January 2017- Chapters 4.2 (Summary from 92 manufactured IOS MRD), 4.3 (Patients and practitioners feedback from 63 questionnaires). Extracts from this ResMed internal report:
• 95% of the MRDs were fitting well in the patient's mouth, before practitioners did any adjustments.  
• There were no complaints or returns regarding retention.  
• 15 patients could compare their IOS MRD with their previous one: 80% of them declared that their new IOS MRD was more comfortable. The “previous MRD” can be any MRD, not only a Narval. In addition, 76% of 46 patients who had a conventional imprint in the past considered the digital imprint to be more comfortable than a conventional one.  
• 90% of patients found the IOS MRD comfortable or very comfortable.

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More benefits

High accuracy

Intra-oral scanning significantly limits the amount of adjustments that need to be done during fittings. 95% of appliances fit well from the outset – before practitioners made any adjustments whatsoever.

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Patient comfort

An intra-oral scanner takes up little space in a patient’s mouth, so limits gag reflexes and discomfort. With digital imprints, only 6% of the patients experienced a gag reflex.

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