Patient interfaces

ResMed masks are lightweight and designed to be quick fitting and easy to use. They include comfortable and practical hospital masks, as well as homecare masks.

Disposable hospital interfaces

Designed for single patient use, these masks can be discarded, eliminating cross-contamination concerns and costs associated with mask disinfection and sterilisation.

Hospital non-vented full face mask.

Hospital non-vented full face mask with anti-asphyxia valve (AAV).

Saving you money ... saving you time.

Reusable vented full face masks

Full face sleep apnea masks feature a superior seal and fit, delivering proven performance. ResMed full face masks continue to get smaller, lighter and more comfortable without sacrificing coverage and stability.

Compact Full face Mask.

Compact Full face Mask in a stylish, female design.

The Quattro Air is designed to deliver proven performance and reliability.

The Quattro Air for Her is sleek and lightweight, featuring stylish headgear and a fitting range designed for women.

Reusable non-vented masks

Non-vented (NV) masks comprise full face and nasal masks, to cater for a range of users and therapy needs. They provide a secure and comfortable solution for noninvasive therapy in the hospital or home.

ResMed's lightest non-vented full face mask, perfect for patients on long-term, noninvasive ventilation to use at home or in the hospital.

The unobtrusive solution for noninvasive ventilation.