Astral 100
Astral 100

Astral 100

Astral 100

  • Variety of modes, circuits and interfaces for a broad range of respiratory conditions in adults and children (>5kg)1
  • Simple mouthpiece ventilation enables fast, easy switching from mask to MPV without changing the circuit
  • Disconnection alarm and Learn Circuit give peace of mind with a wide range of setups
  • Engineered for mobility: weighs just 3.2 kg and has long-lasting batteries2
  • Auto-scaling real-time pressure and flow waveforms deliver accurate information at a glance
  • Maintenance reminders and fast USB cloning of settings between devices streamline management and operations



Introduction to Astral

Offering simple, yet sophisticated ventilation technologies, ResMed Astral is designed to provide portable, easy to use ventilation for patients with a wide range of respiratory disorders.

Engaging Astral's big button feature


Understanding the Astral information bar

Setting Astral's disconnection alarm


Astral Accessories

Astral™ external battery

Provides up to 8 hours of backup power when fully charged.

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Mobility and slim fit bag

Designed to protect the Astral ventilator and make mobility easy.

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ResMed Connectivity Module

ResMed's Connectivity Module (RCM) provides remote access to key ventilation data within AirView to better manage and improve patient care

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Device trolley

The device stand is a portable, space-saving solution for the hospital or home that helps protect the Astral ventilator against everyday hazards with added mobility and security. 

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MPV circuit support arm

The mouthpiece (MPV) circuit support arm is designed to securely hold a variety of ventilator circuits and mouthpiece types in the optimal position for the patient during mouthpiece ventilation, giving your patients greater freedom and flexibility.

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Astral table stand

Provides an ergonomic and convenient solution to place Astral on a bedside table.

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Technical Specifications

  Astral 100
Indications for use Life support for patients over 5 kg
Single circuit with leak  
Single circuit with valve  
Double circuit  
Valve circuit therapy: CPAP, (A)CV, P(A)CV, P-SIMV, V-SIMV, PS  
Leak circuit therapy: CPAP, (S)T*, P(A)C*, iVAPS**  
Manual breath  
Sigh breath (recruitment)  
Apnoea ventilation Volume and pressure
Preset programs 2
Pressure range and settings  
Delivered pressure (cm H2O) 2–50 (leak circuit)

0–50 (valve circuit)
Delivered tidal volume (mL) Adult: 100–2500 mL

Paediatric: 50–300 mL
Respiratory rate Adult: Off, 2–50 bpm

Paediatric: Off, 5–80 bpm


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